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Image by Almos Bechtold


"The Church learned a long time ago that people need a way to get ready to enter or even come close to a mystery like Christmas. The Church set aside four weeks to get ready. This is such a great Mystery that it takes that long to get ready. During this time, we are on our way to Bethlehem. We are all making the journey. We are all getting ready to enter the Mystery of Christmas, so let's go with the prophets, the Holy Family, the shepherds, the angels, the Magi, and all the rest to make the journey that was not just back then. It is also now." Godly Play Advent I

In Godly Play, we tell children that the Season of Advent is to help us prepare to come close to the great Mystery of Christmas. We invite you to journey with us through the Season of Advent with our digital Advent Calendar this year. Most people think of delicious treats from their Advent calendars. Our gift to you is an Advent calendar filled with treats! These moments of prayer, scripture, music, and more will prepare you to come close to the great Mystery of Christmas. 

Advent 2023

Click on the box to reveal your Advent daily treat!

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