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Tuesday, January 28 

6 pm 

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Talking to our kids about sex, dating, relationships, and our bodies is wildly important for their understanding of self, for their choices, and for their safety.  It's also wildly uncomfortable for some of us as parents and a lot of us don't even know where to begin.  Come join a therapist and parent coach for an evening to talk about the basics and what you can be doing, starting at age 4! We will serve you dinner and take care of the kids too, because you deserve it, because sex talks should always start with dinner, and because your kids don't need to know that you don't know everything about sex already.  

Jeremy Dew is a licensed professional counselor who has been working with kids, families, and adults in his practice since 2009, and Amy Garcia is a parent coach who speaks and writes regularly about talking to our kids about healthy sexuality.  

The Birds & The Bees

First Wednesday of the month beginning February 5

5:30 pm - 7 pm 

Are you tired, overwhelmed, alone, and feeling underappreciated? Single parents unite! In a town filled with college students and families, come find community, share tips, parenting wisdom, connect with other single parents, discuss and reflect on day-to-day challenges, and find rest and encouragement.  

Join Jess Rios with Oakwood Roots for a single parent support group.  

Dinner is $5 per person.  Click here to email for more information and to reserve your spot for childcare. 

Single Parents Unite with Oakwood Roots

Saturday, February 22

10:00 am 

Enneagram is a system of describing and organizing various personality types.  It is often used in the context of one’s spiritual journey and in the practice of Spiritual Direction.  The Enneagram workshop at St. Thomas will focus on the basics of the Enneagram, beginning with a study of the three Centers, the nine individual Types and their interactions with each other.  The workshop is lead by the Rev. Robert T. Flick.

There is a small fee of $20 and it includes lunch.  Click here to reserve your spot.

Enneagram Workshop

Friday, January 31

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm 

Join Beth Lawrence, Head of School, along with teachers, staff and families as they celebrate the cultures from families at the school.  

St. Thomas Early Learning Center's International Dinner

Thursday, February 6

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Rather than a literal interpretation of history, The Passion of Saint Thomas More is a meditation on More's decision to be true to his convictions and his refusal to agree to Henry VIII's demands. Described by Gramophone as “hypnotic, magical, enchanting and moving…[with] touches of pure dramatic genius,” the operatic oratorio has been performed across the US and Europe to critical acclaim.
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Saturday, March 28

2:00 pm

A time of creative introspection + tending to that sacred spark of creativity within you. 


Lanecia will guide you in creating on bisque tiles, inviting you to lean into an art process rooted in the Japanese philosophy + aesthetic, wabi sabi. 


This is a brave encouraging space for allskill levels. 


The experience will include poetry, painting, collage + pen. It is a process of honoring your intuition, as you reflect, release + listen to what the process has to reveal to you at such a time as this.

Tickets: $60  ​Click here to reserve your space.  

Embracing Imperfections: Mixed Media Art Experience

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