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Join a ministry that supports worship at St. Thomas.

When we worship, we gather with others before God. We hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, give thanks, confess, and offer the brokenness of the world to God. As we break bread, our eyes are opened to the presence of Christ. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we are made one body, the body of Christ sent forth to live the Way of Love. 

The Episcopal Church


Worship Support Ministry



Acolyte is a general term that covers servers, torchbearers, and lighters of candles and crucifers, thurifers, and banner-bearers.

Image by Denny Müller

Audio/Visual Team

A team of lay ministers live streams the 10:30 am service on Sundays.  No experience necessary! We will train you! 


Readers & Chalice Bearers

Readers will share the scriptures. 

A chalice will participate in Holy Eucharist by holding the chalice.


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a lay ministry in the church charged with maintaining and preparing the altar and its furnishings in a church; altar guilds may also supervise church decorations and flowers.


Ushers & Greeters

Ushers and greeters share roles in welcoming people to the church. They also are responsible for the collection plates and helping people to communion. 

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