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Think About It - Newsletter October 5, 2023

God revealed His love for me at the altar of Saint David’s Episcopal Church, Austin when I was an exhausted twenty-nine-year-old mother of three. Once I opened myself to this life altering reality, I asked God for three things: freedom from fear, Christian friends and to be made a loving presence on the earth. Life has had its ups and downs, but God is ever faithful. My children have grown up and given me amazing grandchildren to love. My former career as an educator challenged and stretched me. We have moved and moved again but at every new altar and in every new circumstance my three requests are always answered, and I live and love fearlessly, surrounded by Christian friends. In January, our daughter, Katy Scott, introduced us to Saint Thomas where again I find joy, love, and friends in abundance. Imagine my delight when I heard Korey’s summary of the Good News in his August 13th sermon, simply accept God’s love, enjoy it and share it with others he said. I wholeheartedly agree! Each Sunday the Welcome Ministry at Saint Thomas gives me a way of passing on joy and love while discovering new friends. David and I are looking forward to participating in this year’s stewardship campaign. We continue to have an abundant life here in College Station and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate with you in God’s work at Saint Thomas through our time, talent, and treasure.

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