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Think About It - Newsletter October 12, 2023

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Our family started attending St. Thomas in early 2021 after spending several years searching for a church community that could hold everyone in our family and serve as a place of belonging for our faiths to grow in. Even though we were completely new to the Episcopal church, and didn’t always know when to kneel or stand, we were warmly welcomed in. The community we discovered while eating snacks under the Gathering Tree and Wednesday night dinners quickly made St. Thomas feel like home.

After being someone on the outside for a season, trying to find a church, I now realize how important it is for us to be a community that makes an extra effort to welcome the visitor. So, for me, stewardship looks like searching out the new faces and striking up a conversation. It has been a beautiful thing to engage with new people and hear stories about their journeys of faith and church life. So many people I have met have expressed a similar longing to find a safe and loving church community. In the short time I have been at St. Thomas, I have seen such growth in the community and I believe it is because when people come, they experience a place filled with the generous love of God.

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