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Rector Search 

In the coming months, with the guidance of the Diocese of Texas, our parish will search together for our next leader.  The search process is a linear one, with each step requiring time and consideration. We invite every member of the St. Thomas community, including St. Thomas Early Learning Center and the Episcopal Student Center, to join us prayerfully on this journey.  

Rector Search Prayer

Almighty God, who knows the needs and desires of this parish. Bless this search committee with your direction, understanding, and Spirit to seek your will in finding the next rector for St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Instill in us a collaborative energy along with our fellow parishioners, Vestry members, and community during this time and process. Inspiration ultimately comes from you, and we ask for this in your Holy name, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

We invite you to St. Thomas!

Timing and Expectations

Although we cannot predict the precise length of our rector search, we are prepared for this process to take many months. St. Thomas Episcopal Church is ready and yearning for a long-term rector, and finding the right spiritual leader will take patience and prayerful consideration.

The time of transition between rectors may be viewed as a journey of hope and honest discernment for our community. With trust in God, the support of our dedicated staff, and the joy and energy of our congregation, we are in a position to navigate this journey with grace. We aim to make the process a transparent one; to that end, the Vestry and Wardens welcome any and all questions you may have.


Interim Rector

At this time, we are not seeking an interim rector.  St. Thomas is fortunate to enjoy the Rev. Rich Nelson, Missioner at the Episcopal Student Center, as a supply priest for St. Thomas. In the Fall, we will review whether it is appropriate to seek an interim rector for St. Thomas.

St. Thomas EArly Learning Center 
The Episcopal Student center

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