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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday marks the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey while the crowds cheered "Hosanna!" (which means "save us") and waved palm branches. Set an altar in your home either on your kitchen table where you will eat together that day or if you will be worshipping from home on Palm Sunday, set an altar near your computer/television.  Items included might be candles, palm branches, a cross, bread, and grape juice.  

Download the scripture readings and prayer. 

Read the scripture readings assigned for Palm Sunday.


Explore below and reflect together on the significance of this day.  

Children's Video

Watch this video that tells the story of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Do you have a children's Bible at home? Look up this story in your Bible after the video and read it together. 

Youth Video

All four gospels tell the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem. Glance at all four and note what similarities and differences you see. Then watch the video and see if you can see elements of the four gospels in the video.


Matthew 21:1-11        Mark 11:1-11        Luke 19:28-24       


 John 12:12-19


In this version, we hear the readings from Luke.  

Youth & Adults

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preaches on Palm Sunday morning at St. George's Anglican Cathedral in East Jerusalem.

Reflect on the reading from Zechariah.  

Make a Palm Branch

Make a palm branch to bring to church or to have a parade around your home. Shout "Hosanna!" as your parade around your home. 


Make a palm leaf with your hands.  Find some paper and trace your hand.  After you cut it out by yourself or with the help of an adult or sibling, glue the hands on a popsicle stick or a branch you found outside. 

2021 palm from im.JPG

Download the coloring sheet.  You can cut it out. Can you think of names for Jesus? Write them on the palm branches.

palm leaf .jpg

Go outside and find a branch from a tree or bush. Always ask an adult to help you. 

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