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The Vestry

The vestry consists of the rector, wardens, and the selected vestry members of a parish. Vestry members (besides the rector) are elected for a three-year term on a rotating basis. The Sr. & Jr. Wardens, alongside the vestry members, are the official representatives of the parish in the absence of a rector.

The primary responsibilities of the vestry are to help define and articulate the congregation's mission, support the church's mission by word and deed, ensure effective organization and planning, and manage resources and finances. Elections are held annually at the Parish Meeting in January.

Current Vestry Members

Diane Holt (2024)

Franco Marcantonio (2024)

Mary Evelyn Alg (2024)

Pam Dettwiler (2025)

Jim Harris (2025)

Roger Smith (2026)

Nicholas Cantrell (2027)

Kelli Hollinger (2027)

Leslie Seipp (2027) 

Kammy Jaques - Clerk

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