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Rector Search Process

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Parish Survey

​Pre-search begins with an honest assessment of our parish through the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) survey, provided by HolyCow! Consulting. The CAT survey is an important tool of discernment in the rector search process, and the survey results directly inform the creation of the Parish Profile. St. Thomas had tremendous participation in this survey, and the results were presented to our vestry and summarized for our parish.

Phase 1: Pre-search

Parish Profile Creation

In April, St. Thomas formed a committee to create a profile of our parish. This document captures the essence of our community and illustrates what is important to our members. It is used by the diocese to recruit candidates for our rector and will be the first impression these potential candidates have of St. Thomas. The profile was completed and submitted to the diocese at the end of May.

Search Committee​

The call for nominations for the Rector Search Committee began in April 2021. Thank you to every member of our congregation who prayerfully considered who among us is called to this important ministry and submitted these names accordingly. In early May 2021, the Vestry identified a balanced and diverse group of individuals with a deep love of and commitment to St. Thomas to find our next Rector.


Phase 2: Active Search

The Active Search phase will begin once the Search Committee has completed training conducted by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Upon completion of the training, the Rector Search Committee will vet and interview many candidates. Candidates may be self-referred; referred by parishioners, or recommended by others (such as the Bishop and Canons of our diocese). Names of candidates may be added at any point during the active search but must be approved by Bishop Doyle before being contacted by our Rector Search Committee.

​While the committee will keep the congregation informed about the general progress of the search, the specifics of the search (the candidates’ names and current parishes, for example) must remain strictly confidential.

After deep prayer and careful reflection by the Rector Search Committee, Active Search culminates in the selection of a single candidate for the Vestry’s consideration. The Vestry will listen to the recommendation of the committee during a specially called meeting and vote.

Active Search
The Call

Phase 3: The Call

Upon approval by the Vestry, the Senior Warden will call the candidate to let him or her know the positive results of the vote. The Bishops and Canons of the diocese are also informed, and the candidate is issued a call to serve and invited to visit St. Thomas. (This visit will not be a public one, as the priest may still be committed to his or her current parish.) If the call is accepted, the Bishop is notified and plans to celebrate this new ministry begin in earnest.

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