Godly Play Advent

Advent I

We are getting ready for the mystery of Christmas. We are all making the journey to Bethlehem together. This time of Advent is preparing us to get ready to enter the mystery of Christmas. For Godly play we use the color purple to talk about Advent; the color purple is the color of kings and queens so we know something important is going to happen. For this first week of Advent we focus on the
prophets. Prophets are people that come so close to God and God comes close to them so they know what is most important. The prophets are pointing to Bethlehem and showing us the way to begin our journey.

Advent II

For this second week of Advent, we focus on the Holy Family, the mother Mary, the father Joseph, and the Donkey. Mary and Joseph are on their journey to Bethlehem and the donkey is helping them to get there.  It probably was not an easy journey for any of them, as Mary was very pregnant, but they made it to Bethlehem and were probably some of the last people coming into the city that night.

Advent III

For this third week of Advent, we focus on the shepherds. The shepherds were around the city of Bethlehem tending to their flocks when they saw a bright light in the sky that hurt their eyes. They were afraid but then heard something in the sky singing and telling them to not be afraid and go to see the new child that has been born.  

Advent IV

For this fourth week of Advent, we focus on the wise men and Christmas. They traveled far from the East and they were so wise that some people thought they were magic. This is where the word Magi comes from. These wise men know the most about stars and when they saw a wild star in the sky, they knew they had to follow it. This star led them to Bethlehem to the new child that was born. They came from so far that they did not arrive for quite a while. We celebrate their arrival on January 6th.

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