Holy Hikes® - A Christian Eco-Ministry

Brazos Valley - Central Texas 

Holy Hikes® is a network of Christian eco-ministries committed to rebuilding Communion between all of God's Creation. We are committed to a common practice of worshiping God in the beauty of the outdoors and hold liturgical hikes throughout the year to immerse ourselves in what John Muir called God's "first temples"  (https://holyhikes.org/)   

The first hike of the fall semester is Saturday, September 10, 2022 at 9:00 am at Lick Creek Park. Please join us! We will meet on the second Saturday of each month. Sign up for our newsletter or check out the Facebook page for details.

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It has been said that “people will protect what they love.” The ultimate goal of this ministry is to help individuals be renewed in their love-relationship with the earth, the universal church, and with their Creator. The environmental crisis today is, at its core, a broken relationship between the human community and the earth. There is legislation being pushed to address environmental issues and advocacy groups working to bring change to our destructive and unsustainable ways. Those are important. History has also proven that a broken relationship is ultimately mended, not by the force of law, but rather by the slow laborious work of rebuilding that relationship. Even in the environmental movement, the earth can be subjugated and treated as just an object that we care for, rather than as a subject with which we are in relationship.

Holy Hikes calls us to relate to all of creation in a communion-centered way. Change will come with legislation and cheaper green products, but we believe transformation will come as we reestablish our communion with all of life. Holy Hikes calls us beyond the walls of comfort, to take a step, perhaps even a hike, towards reunion with the earth and all its life and beauty. Join us in finding new ways to restore our communion with all of Creation. 



Connecting with God's Creation

The salvation of humanity, existence of God’s
Church on this planet, and the healing of Mother
Earth are intricately tied together in one sacred
heartbeat. This belief is at the heart of eco-Ministry
and guides our work through Holy Hikes®.

“For the creation waits with eager longing for the
revealing of the children of God” – Romans 8:19