Advent 2021

Hospitality: Preparing & Welcoming

"Hospitality is about offering our hearts. It is being present to another." By Br. Luke Ditewig 

 I stumbled across an article on hospitality by Br. Luke Ditewig with SSJE. Br. Luke's article about hospitality reminded me of something in myself; that I am better at welcoming guests than allowing myself to be a welcomed guest. This quote from Br. Luke reminds me that it's not the fancy dinner or the perfect table settings that define hospitality. Hospitality may also look like sitting with someone whose only request is our presence and our hearts. I hope you will take a moment to read Br. Luke's article.


Below are opportunities for you to begin to create and open up to hospitality during this season that allow us to not only welcome the guests but also allow ourselves to be the guest. Last year we began building an Advent Playlist on Spotify of music for you to enjoy while driving, cooking, or spending time with those you hold dear. If you have a favorite Advent song, email us and we will include it!

Image by Thomas Millot

I Am “They”

When something’s wrong I know just who to blame.

Doesn’t matter if “they” haven’t got a name.

It only matters that “they” chose a different way.

You see I find the ones at fault are always “they.”


I’ll admit “they” aren’t so easy to describe.

“They” talk different or they’re from a different tribe.

I don’t understand them ‘cause they’re not like me.

If I choose A then I am sure that they’ll want B.


Seems our echo chambers block diversity,

Crush the sharing that can form community.

We put labels on each other to be smart.

But ol’ “they” has been our go-to from the start.


Still, who are “they,” this group that I accuse?

Besides a nondescript excuse I always use.

If I think of all the things that “they” could be.

Doesn’t “they” mean… all humanity?


Let me give my cleverness and pride a rest.

Can I now detect some virtues “they” possess?

Are there unique people there, within that crowd,

I can’t hear because my voice is much too loud?


If I walk with them, do you think I might find,

Their goals and needs would sometimes sound like mine?

If I stand with them and use their eyes to see.

Would I sense “they” thoughts, when “they” look at me?


As we learn “they” isn’t something we should fear,

All our differences would start to disappear.

So is it possible that there could come a day,

When it starts to dawn on me that… I Am “They?”

by Chip Hill, 2021

Click here to read the details for the 4-week adult formation inspired by Chip's poem.

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